Goodnight, Sleep Tight, What a Wonderful Flight!

Vrooom! Hummm! Nnneeaoowww! What’s that sound? It’s Fire Plane Jake, Passenger Carrier Clay and others in the wonderful picture book  Goodnight Sleep Tight: What a Wonderful Flight by Louise Lintvelt. Take a fun ride and learn all about the different roles that various aircraft play.

If your little one talks of being a future pilot, he or she will love will love “Goodnight.” Not only does it teach children about different types of aircraft, it does so with fun, whimsical rhyme and sound.

“Goodnight” tells the story of four different types of aircraft including carrier planes, but also aircraft that children may not often hear about, such as rescue helicopters and crops dusters. In a fun educational style, “Goodnight” tells the stories of the various jobs that aircraft perform, from putting out fires and carrying patients to hospitals, to helping to fertilize crops.

In addition to being a great book to teach children about the many uses of aircraft,  Goodnight Sleep Tight: What a Wonderful Flight is the perfect picture book for bedtime, sleepovers, or any time of the day for young children who love watching planes, helicopters or other types of aircraft. Available on Amazon.comiTunes or Google Play.


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