Halloween ABC

Does  your little one love Halloween? If so, they’ll love Halloween ABC from a Little Golden Book. This adorable picture book teaches kids the alphabet in a fun way with illustrations of children going trick-or-treating, dressed in various costumes, from ballerina and a cowboy to a dentist, dinosaur and kangaroo. The book not only teaches children their ABCs, it also teaches them about animals they may not have ever seen or heard of, including an iguana, kangaroo and a yak .If your little one hasn’t yet decided what he or she wants to be for Halloween, this is a great book that will give them many fun, cute ideas.
This book is also worth reading for two more reasons: it reminds kids of the importance of brushing and to not eat too much candy as they can get sick, AND it features a great representation of children of several races and cultures, promoting unity in friendship.
The cute illustrations, along with the fun Halloween story, non-preachy lessons, and an ending that has the children getting ready for bed makes Halloween ABC a great book any young child would love. It’s also a great book to help put your little one to sleep after a fun night of trick-or-treating.
Halloween ABC
Author: Sarah Albee
Illustrator: Julia Woolf
Available at: www.amazon.com.

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