Do you know who Frida Kahlo was? If, not, today is a great day to learn! Frida was a famous Mexican painter who overcame tremendous odds. She became one of the most well-known and beloved Latino artists. Today is Frida Kahlo’s birthday, and I honor her strength and talent with a review of the children’s picture book Frida, which tells the story of Frida’s life with beautiful illustrations, and inspiring prose.

Frida will inspire both children and adults to never give up, and never stop living life with love. Frida Kahlo grew up in Mexico, with a father who was an artist, who taught her to paint. At an early age, Frida got very sick, but painting gave her hope, and after she became well, she continued to paint.

As an adult, Frida got in a car accident that left her bedridden a lot, but still, Frida painted; she did not let her illness or physical pain keep her from painting. Instead she painted her emotions. She used her gift and imagination to paint “ex votos” or “stories of miracles” – paintings that included scenes with words, many of which represented angels coming to the rescue of those in pain.

While the story has sad moments, it is also a story of victory, as Frida Kahlo overcame pain and sadness through her art, and is now much loved for it. If you have, or know a child who is in pain or who suffers from sickness on a regular basis, this book is a beautiful testament to the power of determination. It will teach children that they can still have a life through their pain, and in their strength, others may find hope.

Note: Frida is also available in Spanish at

Written by: Jonah Winter
Illustrated by: Ana Juan

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