The Bookworm

Meet Sesha. He’s different, He doesn’t speak much and he doesn’t play with other kids, which is odd, because Sesha is 10 years old. Fortunately Sesha finds comfort in books, and becomes more than just another bullied kid in The Bookworm.

Each Thursday, Sesha picks out a new library book and buries himself in it during recess. Other kids think this is strange, and make up a not-so-nice song about him. But it doesn’t bother Sesha, and he continues reading. One day, Sesha gets picked on by two school bullies, and the brown notebook he carries around with him lands in a puddle of muddy rainwater. Sesha, understandably upset, breaks his silence and manages to stutter out the word “bullies!” in response to the bullies’ actions.

Unfortunately, Sesha is taunted even more after his encounter with the bullies. That is, until one day when his classroom teacher asks him to answer a question about tigers by writing his answer on the chalkboard. What happens next so impresses his fellow students, that Sesha no longer is the boy who is bullied, rather he becomes the student that others follow to the library every Thursday morning!

The Bookworm is a wonderful book that teaches children two valuable lessons:

  1. Having a disability or being different doesn’t mean that you’re any less of a person, and
  2. When you stay true to yourself, others will eventually see you shine.
Written by: Lavanya N.A.
Illustrated by: Shilo Shiv Suleman

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