My Doctor and Me ABC

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My Doctor and Me ABC

Did you know that September is National Safety Month? In recognition, I am reviewing My Doctor and Me ABC , an adorable picture book that takes the fear out of going to the doctor and the importance of cleanliness, such as washing your hands.  It’s a great educational book also as it educates children about parts of their bodies and many of the tools doctors use in an exam.

It encourages good hygiene and healthy living by telling kids they can stay healthy through exercise, dance or just playing outside. Also explains how to keep germs away. For example, the letter “C” represents “cough”and says to “always turn your head and your mouth, remember to cover!” With the letter “Q,” kids are encouraged to ask questions.

My Doctor and Me ABC is the perfect book for very young children who might dread going to the doctor; the book explains the reasons for vaccinations, how your heart and joints work as well as how your kidneys filter out the bad stuff, and why it is important to have regular checkups so that your body will run the way it is supposed to.

Written by a medical doctor, My Doctor and Me ABC is a must-have for parents who want to make going to the doctor both educational and fear-free.



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