Mr. Mosquito by Barry Dunlap


Did you know that it’s the female, not the male mosquito that gives us those pesky, uncomfortable bites during the summer months? You will find this fact in the delightful bilingual picture book, Mr. Mosquito.  As pesky as mosquitoes can be, there is more to the them than most of us know. And for those children who love to learn about bugs, this is the perfect book.

Mr. Mosquito is short and humorous, written in both English and French, in type that is large  and simple enough that a child at middle reading level could easily read on his or her own. It is a wonderful way to introduce children to the French language as the sentences in the book are very fun and include familiar words like “squish” and “bite” among others . The book also gives adults the opportunity to educate  children on unfamiliar words including “misunderstood” and “agile” that would not normally may not be found it children’s books, but clearly illustrated so that it’s meaning is understood.

Whether your little one likes bugs or not, Mr. Mosquito is a fun, silly book that allows children to explore a different language while giving them a giggle.


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