Kenya’s Art

Kenya’s Art is a picture book about a little girl who finds a creative way to complete a school project. Kenya loves her old toy airplane, even though it only has one wing. Her mother wants Kenya to throw away the broken toy, but Kenya finds a way to keep the toy  and in the process learns the meaning of “Reuse, Recycle.”

When Kenya realizes that she’s done nothing interesting during Spring vacation that she can tell her class for her Spring project, she asks her dad to take her to the park so that she to find something to create. Kenya runs into classmates at the park who tell her all about the fun things they did on their vacation – one even took trumpet lessons!  Worried that she won’t have anything to present for her assignment, Kenya asks to go to vacation school; her dad has a better idea and decides to take Kenya to a local museum.

It is at the museum where Kenya views a beautiful patchwork quilt made out of old clothes, and learns how art can be made from recycled materials like plastic bottles. After her museum visit, Kenya goes back home and together with her family, create funny and unique art that she takes back to school and presents to her classmates.

Kenya’s Art is a great book for introducing recycling to young children. It is written by Linda Trice, former Queens, New York elementary school teacher. Learn more about Linda Trice and other books that she has written at


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