Daniel Finds a Poem

Daniel Finds a Poem

Daniel Finds a Poem is a delightful new picture book that highlights discovery, appreciation of nature and beautifully illustrates a child’s sense of wonder.

One day while in the park, Daniel sees a flyer  about a poetry event taking place in the park. Not knowing what the word poetry is, he takes a walk around the park and talks to some of the animals – a spider, a turtle, a cricket and more to ask them what poetry is to them. Just when Daniel thinks he knows everything there is to know about the park,  he learns all about interesting animal habits and living environments and creates a poem of his own to participate in the park event.

Daniel Finds a Poem  teaches children to not only appreciate nature, but it encourages using one’s imagination to see the beauty of things and that you can learn by watching and paying attention to your surroundings.It is written by Micha Archer who is also the illustrator. Ms. Archer’s collage illustrations are so beautiful they almost outdo the story itself. It is rare that a children’s book is able tell the beauty of  nature through the eyes and thoughts of a child, but that is exactly what Micha Archer does in Daniel Finds a PoemEncourage a child’s sense of wonder and buy this book for one today!


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