Monster 2000 Stickers: Goofy, Toothy, and Fun!


Are you looking for a fun and educational activity book for children aged 5-9? If so, the combination picture, color and sticker book “Monsters 2000 Stickers: Goofy, Toothy and Fun” is the book you’ve been looking for!

This silly book is as educational as it is fun and includes maze activities, simple math problems, hand-and-eye coordination and memory exercises. Among the more than 10 activities in the book are: pages where children can strategically place stickers provided in the book to help monsters build sand castles on the  beach; or they can hunt for a pet through a maze; create and draw crazy concoctions and experiments in the mad scientist monster lab; and identify the odd monster that doesn’t match on the monster dance page.

“Monsters 2000 Stickers: Goofy, Toothy and Fun” is a book that can be enjoyed by both boys and girls that are tickled by funny  songs and sayings. And with the exception of the first two pages that show monsters yelling “sneaky monsters … only come out at night” the book features non-threatening monsters who are very playful that can also teach your child not to be afraid of what they conceive as monsters while inviting them to do fun activities that improve skill and brain function at many levels.



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