Grace for President!



With all the presidential campaign debates taking place lately, I’m inclined to once again review the awesome children’s book Grace for President – a picture book that is both educational and entertaining. Children will love Grace for President  because it teaches them about the election process in a scenario that is familiar. Parents will love this book because it encourages children to be ambitious and to believe that they can achieve anything they set their minds to!

Grace for President, begins with an innocent question from a little girl named Grace but then results in a race for school president!  The tale begins when Grace is shown a large poster featuring all of the past U.S. presidents, and she notices that none of them are women. Grace then asks her teacher “Where’s the women?” – to which her teacher responds, and informs Grace that there’s never been a female president. This bothers Grace something awful, and she then decides that she will run for class president of her school. Grace wants to show her classmates that women can be president too! Besides, how hard can it be? Or so Grace thinks to herself.

The next day, its announced that Grace has an opponent from another class – one who happens to be the Spelling Bee champion, AND captain of the soccer team. Grace realizes running for president won’t be as easy as she thought, but she doesn’t let it discourage her, and presses on, working hard to win the election. She does doing everything from handing out cupcakes to joining the school safety squad and creating a school beautification committee.

 Grace for President is an absolute treat of a picture book for many reasons. First, its simplistic style of educating children about politics in a way children can understand is genius. Also, its non-preachy lesson, and fun illustrations featuring diverse children of all races and every skin shade is brilliant, as it will make all children feel as though they can relate and do what Grace does. And most importantly, it encourages young girls and children in general to be ambitious through a fun civic lesson that has the reader wondering what will happen next! If these are themes that are important to you, purchase Grace for President today!


Grace for President

Author: Kelly DiPucchio / Illustrator: Leuyen Pham

Available at: Teaching for Change bookstores,



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