I’m a Little Green Witch


Goblins and ghosts and witches, oh my! Get ready for some Halloween fun with I’m a Little Green Witch, a Halloween-themed picture book that features story rhymes that mimic tunes  of traditional nursery rhymes that children know and love!

Some of the poems included in this quirky book of story rhymes include:

  • Willa’s Wild Ride, which mimics the tune of  “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” nursery rhyme;
  • I’m a Hairy, Scary Spider, which mimics the “Itsby Bitsy Spider” song;
  •  Little Jack Mummy, a creepy poem about a little boy who eats his pinky that mimics the rhyme of “Little Jack Horner.”

There is a poem of every type  – silly, icky, scary and just plain fun. If you have a little one that loves both nursery rhymes and Halloween, this book, with bright and colorful illustrations is sure to please!

Written by: Kelly Polark  Illustrated by: Kelli Ann Little


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