I Want to be a Reader!


I Want to Be A Reader is a colorful and fun board book with a short and simple message: learning to read is a right of passage to be celebrated!

Sure to please both children and parents with it’s wonderful message and adorable illustrations that include a cat reading to its kittens, and hiding within a book itself, I Want to Be A Reader encourages children to aspire to be a reader and the importance of celebrating the accomplishment.

What also makes  I Want to Be a Reader a great book is that it goes through the steps of what it takes to finish reading a book: understanding the letters, pronouncing the words, and reading page by page, helping children to understand that learning to read is a process.

I Want to Be A Reader is a must read for toddlers who have shown a desire to read as well as a great introduction to children beginning to talk. Celebrate one of the most important developments in childhood with this wonderful book today!

I Want to be a Reader!
Author: Mark Powers Illustrator: Maria Montag


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