My Visit to the Aquarium

117508Summer is here! And there is no doubt that many children will be taking many exciting summer trips to the beach, the pool and even the aquarium! My Visit to the Aquarium. picture book tells the story of one child’s exciting aquarium trip where he explores all sorts of coastal and sea life.

With its bright and colorful illustrations, and extensive description of more than 25 types of aquatic animals and fish, My Visit to the Aquarium does not disappoint!

Some of the fish and sea life highlighted in the book are plant-like animals including sponges and sea fans, as well as colorful parrot and blue-ringed fish. Featured also are seahorse and octopus and details about how they survive. Familiar animals including penguins – which are considered sea birds that do not fly but swim really fast are also highlighted.

My Visit to the Aquarium also teaches children about the kelp forest where fish of all sizes swim, graze and lay their eggs. Different types of sharks and bat rays are also featured, both of which have no bones in their bodies; instead they have soft cartilage skeletons. These, as well as swamp, coastal stream and tropical forest animals are all featured in the book, that goes beyond descriptions of fish and animals. It also discusses how the animals featured in the book are all endangered, and offers ways to help animals survive extinction and pollution. It’s a wonderful book to introduce children to ocean and sea life – as well as give them an appreciation of the environment we live in.


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