Ocean Animals

Ocean Animals_animal planet

Ocean Animals is a picture book for children filled with vivid photographs of animals in their natural habitats. Some of the ocean animals featured in the book are the humpback whale, the great white shark,  and puffer fish. Reptiles like the green sea turtle and mammals including dolphins are also featured.

In addition to great photos of ocean animals, this Animal Planet book also explains how ocean animals live, and what ocean animals eat. For example, there can be up to 12 dolphins in a family of dolphins that work and play together. The size of a great white shark can grow as large as 20 feet. These ocean animals feed on squid and various fish and do not survive well in captivity, so you won’t see them in aquariums.

The green sea turtle is a reptile that can grow up to 700 pounds. They are fast swimmers, and only come on land to nest and lay their eggs. These facts and more are just some of the  interesting tidbits that children learn in Ocean Animals, which is a great read for any child, but especially those that love ocean animals and other underwater creatures.


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