My First Alphabet


My First Alphabet is a delightful board book that is both fun and educational for children,  as it introduces two of the five senses –  sight and touch, as well as introducing providing a fun introduction to the American alphabet.

The book features colorful and quirky illustrations  of animals and other things found in nature like trees and rainbows, that allow a child to discover what these animals and objects feel like to the touch. For example, the “B is for Ball” page doesn’t just feature a simple illustration of a ball, but rather a piece of plastic material, shaped like a ball.

The “E is for Elephant” page displays a tough, somewhat scratchy surface in the shape of an elephant ear. Then there is the “Z for Zebra” page, that features an illustration of a zebra with fuzzy material in the place a zebra mane.

With its illustrations of smiling animals and colorful pastels My First Alphabet is one of the cutest board books you’ll read. And while meant for very young children, its touch and feel feature  makes it  especially useful for special needs children of any age, especially those with sensory issues.

My First Alphabet
Author: Emma Jennings, Robyn Newton, Amy  Oliver
Illustrator: Jenny Bradley


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