The Porcupine and Skunk

To showcase the vibrant theme of our blog, is now  Like calico fabric, our blog is diverse and represents various cultures and communities. Now, ON TO OUR LATEST REVIEW!

The Porcupine and the Skunk is a story about Penelope the Porcupine and Edward the skunk who have no friends in the forest because being around them was not pleasant. The skunk was stinky, and the porcupine was prickly.

Since the two friends never get invited to birthday parties by the other forest animals, they decide to move to the other side of the forest and build themselves a house to give them protection from forest predators like wolves and bears.

Meanwhile the small animals in the forest including the squirrels, chipmunks and others worry about contending with a wolf that has come to eat them all. The small animals have a meeting to figure out how to protect themselves.

The small forest animals finally decide that the only way to stay safe from the wolf and other animals is to seek refuge in Penelope and Edward’s home.  Although Edward the skunk and Penelope the porcupine are still hurt from being shunned earlier, they allow the small animals to seek safe haven in their home, and all the animals in the forest are safe from the wolf, and become friends.

The Porcupine and the Skunk teaches several good lessons all children should be taught; it’s important to help friends in their time of need, and to love one’s neighbors despite differences.  It is an excellent book for story time or bedtime. Learn about more books in the Frazier Tales series at



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