Peas on Earth


What would the world be like if cats and mice got along? Or if everyone were friends like peanut butter and jelly? These ideas and more practical ones are introduced in the delightful board book Peas on Earth, which teaches peace, love and tolerance to the youngest of children through silly prose and refreshing ideas.

Peas on Earth advocates being friends to those who are different from us, with examples of dogs and cats being friends – and giving one another high-fives (insert giggle), as well as  examples of odd friendships such as elephants and mice sharing cheese, and giraffes helping turtles get to the top of a tree.

While riddled with silly not-so-practical suggestions, the book also provides more realistic solutions for world peace, and gets readers to ponder the idea of how saying “thank-you” and “please” more often could make a better world, that would be so much more pleasant that it would almost be like having a world where snowmen don’t melt, and vegetables taste like candy because the world would be so much happier.

Peas on Earth is available at, Target, and Get this delightful book today to begin teaching the idea of peace and tolerance to children, and do your part in helping our future generations make our world a better one.

Peas on Earth
Author: Todd H. Doodler/Todd


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