Plants Can’t Sit Still


Earth Day is almost here! What better way to celebrate than with a book about nature! Plants Can’t Sit Still is a children’s picture book that introduces kids to the behavior of plants, explaining how plants work in a kid-friendly and lyrical way.

In the book, young readers learn that while plants may not have feet like people or wings like birds, plants still are able to move in many ways. For example:

  • Seedlings squirm out of the soil to get to the sunlight to grow
  • Plants have roots that move underground to spread their roots.
  • Some plants climb fences and walls, growing into long vines.

A fun fact also found in the book is how the the Venus flytrap flower catches insects for food; this plant stays closed after trapping an insect until it has digested the insect. Another neat fact: while some plants close their buds at night,  other plants open up at night to be pollinated by night insects.

Plants Can’t Sit Still  also explains how plants move with a breeze: plants move with the wind to float, whirl and glide, many times to land on a beach, desert or field, where they may find water and sunshine to help them grow. This and so much more, including information about 20 different plants species are explored in the book.

In addition to great educational content, what makes Plants Can’t Sit Still a fun book is its colorful, vibrant illustrations and its lively writing that will make kids giggle, think and want to learn more. It is a great book that get young kids 5-10 excited and interested in nature and other STEAM related-themes. It’s many awards and honors include the Riverby Award, Maryland Blue Crab Young Reader Award, proving it is a book worthy of any educator’s or parent’s bookshelf.

 Plants Can’t Sit Still
Author: Rebecca Hirsch Illustrator: Mia Posada




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  1. This is a great book for Earth Day or any day, thanks for the recommendation!

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