LaDonna Plays Hoops

Ladonna Plays Hoops_cover imageIt’s the family summer family reunion and LaDonna can’t wait to see all of her cousins. The last time she went to a family get-together, she played basketball with her cousin Tyrone, the family hoops star, and lost big; but that was before she went to basketball camp. So once she arrives to the to the reunion, LaDonna joins her girl cousins in jumping rope double-dutch, and even though she skins her knee, she still gets the courage to play Tyrone for a rematch to see who is the best.

From being called “half-pint” to being taunted for skinning her knee, cousin Tyrone does everything he can to lower LaDonna’s confidence. But LaDonna, cheered on by the rest of the family never quits and completes the game of  one-on-one, first to ten, two-oint spread with Tyrone until the end.

With lots of basketball jargon for those who love the sport of basketball, and positive messages of being a supportive family member, to teaching children that being a good sport is more important than winning, LaDonna Plays Hoops is a great book that teaches important lifelong lessons.

LaDonna Plays Hoops is an endearing and fun read for girls and boys alike, but is especially a great books for children dealing with self-esteem, as it includes messages of courage, girl-power and self-confidence. It also comes in a version for children with dyslexia. Both versions can be found and purchased at

LaDonna Plays Hoops
Author: Kimberly A. Gordon Biddle / Illustrator: Heath Gray


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