ODDphabet – Ripley’s Believe it or Not!

ODDphabetSchool is back in and many children will be entering kindergarten and learning their ABCs. In this weird and wonkey board book, children will learn about animals they’ve never heard of before and some downright strange animals that are noone knew existed in nature.

ODDphabet will give children a good laugh and will stretch their imaginations farther than ever before!

Some of the different and unusual animals kids learn about in the book include:

  • A blob fish –  a pink sea animal
  • A  Frog with six-legs
  • An Iguana – a lizard that looks like a mini dinosaur
  • A Narwhal – a medium-sized toothed whale with a long, pointy tusk-like tooth

Not only does ODDphabet  help children learn their ABCs, it teaches them all about animals they may not have known existed. With its fun rhymes and silly illustrations it also gives little ones a good giggle . If you want to find a fun way to teach the alphabet to a young child, ODDphabet is a great book to begin with!

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CalicoKidz.com reviews books for young children ages 1-10 that celebrate diversity and promote education. Our mission is to review children’s books that give parents, librarians, and educators of children from diverse communities including those with special needs, an place where they can find cultural and educational books that feature or represent diverse communities.

Our vision is to one day live in a world where love of diversity is the norm, and all cultures, races and religions exist together in harmony.


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