Feast for 10

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Thanksgiving day is just three weeks away, and what better time is it to celebrate food and family!  In anticipation of the holiday, calicokidz.com is reviewing the delightful counting board book book Feast for 10.  This delightful counting book shows a family shopping together for a meal that they all prepare together. The book also shows the steps it takes to prepare a special meal – from the trip to the grocery store to food prep, to putting the food in the oven to cook, and setting the table.

Feast for 10 introduces special foods used to prepare pumpkin pie as well as southern foods like collard greens. Most importantly, the book presents a counting lesson for children while addressing the importance of helping one another with cleaning up after a meal, instilling a sense of responsibility in the reader. Colorful illustrations  that give detail to both children’s and adult ethnic hairstyles, and positive portrayal of a happy family that enjoys being together makes Feast for 10 an enjoyable book for both kids and parents to read.

Throughout the book, there are smiles on the children’s faces, presentation of healthy foods, with a recycling message at the end. Feast for 10 is a wonderful book, not only for African-American families, but any family that wants to teach counting in a fun way to a child, as well as families who want to promote healthy eating. Available at Target and and Amazon.com, Feast for 10 is the perfect book to read during holidays that prepare special meals, including Thanksgiving and religious holiday meals.


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