Nola the Nurse Remembers Katrina

00002_scha_rs_cover_frontThirteen years ago today, Hurricane Katrina devastated the U.S. city of New Orleans. Nola the Nurse Remembers Hurricane Katrina tackles this delicate subject in a sweet picture book that tells the story of how a little girl deals with the life-changing event.

One day Nola tells her dolls a story about how Hurricane Katrina, and how it affected her family, friends, and her neighborhood. It’s a sad story, but also one of kindness and survival told in a way that will educate children, not scare them. Rather the book helps to create empathy for what happened that fateful day.

Nola is a young girl from New Orleans who wants to grow up to be a nurse like her mother. She begins to mend the dolls and stuffed animals of friends that were ruined by Hurricane Katrina. She tells a story to her dolls all about how the hurricane, and how her mother helped to restore dolls of her neighbors that were destroyed because of hurricane floods.

Hurricane Katrina happened over several days and ravaged the city of New Orleans terribly. Homes were lost, and people also lost their lives. Nola the Nurse Remembers Hurricane Katrina addresses the terrible events in a tender way that is both educational sensitive, so as not to scare young children. Nola the Nurse Remembers Hurricane Katrina is just one of the books in the Nola the Nurse series of books by Scharmaine Lawson, a nurse practitioner from New Orleans, Louisiana.

Nola the Nurse Remembers Hurricane Katrina
Written by Dr. Scharmaine Lawson, FNP, FAANP, FAAN |Illustrated by Marvin Alonso


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