Halloween ABC

Halloween ABCHalloween is upon us and what better way to introduce this fun holiday to the youngest of children than with a book! Halloween ABC has lots of cute illustrations and also helps toddlers just learning to speak to learn the alphabet in a fun way.

Halloween ABC is also great for children who have a limited vocabulary, such as children with autism or other special needs.

The book uses silly words that will make children laugh, (E is for Eyeballs), (U is for Underpants) and even introduces action verbs (J is for Jump), (R is for Run) that encourage children to be active.

My only criticism of the book is that some words are too advanced; words like cauldron, invisible and quiver are words that even the most intelligent of parents or teachers would have difficulty explaining to a one or two-year-old child. The difficult words are few; the adorable illustrations and fun words make up the majority of the 26 words featured throughout the book.

Halloween ABC is a wonderful holiday book that any young child would love, and can be found at amazon.com or wherever books are sold.




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1 Response to Halloween ABC

  1. carhicks says:

    This sounds like a great toddler book. I am okay with cauldron but quiver is a tough one.

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