Pete the Cat: Falling for Autumn

Pete the Cat misses all the fun things he can did during the Summer like swim and play at the beach. Pete’s mother tells Pete to think of the things about Autumn that he likes; Pete isn’t sure he remembers anything fun but he says he’ll try.

Pete remembers how much he loves pumpkin pie when he smells a pie baking in the oven. Then Pete visits a corn maze with his friends – what fun!

Other activities Pete gets into that he discovers is fun is taking a hayride with friends on a wagon, knitting a scarf with his grandpa and going apple picking. He even plays touch football in the park and even scores a touchdown!

Throughout all his adventures, Pete saves a souvenir from each endeavor; a string of yarn, a handful of hay, an apple and more from each trip he keeps something memorable – all of which he stuffs inside his backpack.

Pete also helps his father rake leaves in their yard and afterwards takes a great big jump into the leave pile he helped to rake.

After all of his adventures and outings, Pete discovers that he loves autumn!

Extras included in the book are 12 Thanksgiving cards, a foldout poster and fun stickers.


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