Memorial Day


Summer is almost here and with it comes Memorial Day! Memorial Day, first called “Decoration Day” is a national holiday observed each year in the U.S., to honor military servicemen and women who have fought and died to protect our freedoms. The children’s book Memorial Day is a great book to read to children to educate them about this important holiday.

In the book Memorial Day, children learn the history and origins of how Memorial Day began, who the holiday honors, why it is important, and how it is celebrated today.

Memorial Day introduces words to young children associated with the Memorial Day holiday, including “ceremonies”, “soldiers” and “veterans“, and provides a glossary with definitions of these words at the back of the book.

Not only do children get a civic education from the Memorial Day picture book, but they will enjoy bright illustrations, and fun rhyme, as well as a patriotic song to sing, which includes musical notes to guide them in the back of the book.

Instill in children an early appreciation of the military and the sacrifices they make by reading the patriotic picture book Memorial Day to your little one. It’s a great way to honor our fallen servicemembers.

Memorial Day

Written by: Emma Carlson Berne

Illustrated by: Simone Krüger

Music Arranged & Produced by: Mark Mallman


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