About CalicoKidz


CalicoKidz.com is an educational children’s blog that reviews culturally diverse children’s picture books that educates children on diverse cultures, religions, and special needs communities, as well as books with STEM themes and important historical and political milestones.

The name CalicoKidz is inspired by the word “calico” which is an all-cotton fabric, printed with simple designs in one or more colors. Like calico fabric, our blog is diverse and represents various cultures and communities. Learn more about the origins of the word calico, which originated in Calicut, India at britannica.com.

April Crews is founder and blogger of CalicoKidz.com.  April is a writer who has worked with many nonprofit organizations including the National Parent Teacher Association (PTA). She has been a leader with several after-school youth programs. Learn more about April at https://about.me/aprilcrews.


CalicoKidz.com reviews 1-4 children’s picture books each month. We also update our resource link page on a monthly basis to be a source of anyone seeking information about culturally diverse children’s picture books.



CalicoKidz.com reviews diverse children’s books that educate young children ages 1-10 in an effort to encourage children, educators, parents all who value diversity to celebrate and promote diversity in children’s books.

We aim to be a source for children’s books that represent all – including those from diverse immigrant, racial, religious, and special needs communities in an effort to promote  acceptance and appreciation of diverse communities. CalicoKidz also supports independent self-published authors who write culturally diverse and educational books as well as literacy advocates who are passionate about celebrating diversity in all literature.