My Friend Has Autism

My Friend Has Autism by Amanda Doering Tourville, is a book about a kid named Nick and his friend Zack. Zack doesn’t always respond when Nick talks to him and he can even walk away when Nick is talking to Zack. The book explains that when Zack does those types of things, it is because of his Autism, and that Zack doesn’t mean to be rude, it’s just something in his brain doesn’t grow the way that it should, which is why Autistic children can have behaviors that are odd to others. Some Autistic children don’t talk, or only talk about their own interests.

Another aspect of Autism that the book explains is how Autistic children are more sensitive to sound than those without Autism, and how they don’t like to be touched. It’s not because they aren’t friendly, they just have sensory overload which makes them that way.

Nick thinks Zack is a great friend, and despite his Autistic oddities,  likes him better than all his other friends because like Zack likes to play with model airplanes with Nick, and they play video games together. The best part of the book is that Nick realized Zack isn’t that much different than other kids his age. He just has a few quirks. And that’s okay.

My Friend Has Autism is a great book to read to children who have questions about Autism. It’s also a great book to read to your child if you want to make sure your child grows up to be sensitive to special needs children; this book will will help them understand the quirks of Autistic children around them. It’s a great book for children and adults alike. By buying this book, you will help dispel myths and educate others on Autism. And education is a beautiful thing!


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