Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks, is the perfect book to celebrate with a child! This simple yet poignant picture book for children ages 2-8 reminds children of the importance of being thankful for both the big and small things in life.

The narrator of the book shares his excitement about Thanksgiving; his anticipation of eating good food and seeing family. He speaks of how important it is to not simply give thanks for the pumpkin pie and turkey that he will eat, but also for the things in his life that is sometimes overlooked. He gives thanks for his parents and grandparents, as well as his teacher and friends and even the things we take for granted such as sunny days and hot chocolate.

Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks, is a wonderful book to read to children for bedtime on Thanksgiving Eve, the night of Thanksgiving, or even the day after Thanksgiving. Another wonderful element of the book is the delightful, colorful illustrations of diverse children and adults, and its simple message: lets not only give thanks on Thanksgiving, but always.


Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks
Author: Margaret Sutherland / Illustrator: Sonja Lamut


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