What is a Veteran Anyway?


Veterans Day is coming soon and what better way to celebrate than to read a book to a child that educates them on the sacrifices of our servicemen and servicewomen. What is a Veteran Anyway?  is the perfect book to read to kids about what a veteran is and does. Through emotional watercolor illustrations that tell the story of a veteran.

This wonderful picture book informs children on the many different roles that service men and women play, including construction, police, parachuters, pilots and mechanics (that are also women!). It’s culturally diverse illustration of diverse families make it not just a representation of military, but a representation of the diversity of America.

The book not only explains the many roles of our veterans served but also explains some of the sacrifices that veterans must make to serve our country. While children may know the sacrifice of time away from the family, the book also addresses the conditions service members endure, including:

  • Going days or weeks without a shower, or change of clothes.
  • Working in the field without running water or a bed to sleep
  • Having to eat food from a pouch
  • Serving in harsh weather, sometimes with no blankets surrounded by bugs and even rats!

A great part of the book is that it gives kids suggestions on how to thank a veteran for his/her service. If you want to instill a respect for veterans in children,  What is a Veteran Anyway? is a great book to begin with.


What is a Veteran Anyway?
Written by Rob Snyder l Illustrated by Ron Himler


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