Cancer Daily Life

Did you know that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month? If you are looking for a resource to explain cancer to a child, Cancer Daily Life can help. This book for children expresses the many emotions that a child with cancer experiences while dealing with the harsh reality of living with cancer.

One of the emotions a child with cancer often feels is frustration; frustration of ongoing treatment, and the long wait of doctor visits. Other feelings include the sadness of losing hair, but also the joy of accepting a new look. Unfortunately sometimes children with cancer lose friends when they get cancer, but they also find joy in new friendships with kids who understand what they are going through.

Cancer Daily Life also depicts other unique situations that children with cancer deal with. Situations like hearing bad news from a doctor, and feeling overwhelmed by well-intentioned hugs. But what is really great about the book is how it also illustrates feel-good moments such as the love and appreciation felt when people offer to help to cook a meal or provide a ride to doctor visits.

Cancer Daily Life gives a realistic but sweet look at what children go through living with cancer. It tells the bad, the sad and the positive, in a tender way that teaches children how to be sensitive to someone going through cancer treatment. The book is a great gift for:

  • a friend who received a diagnosis of any type of cancer
  • a friend who will start or is undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy
  • a family member or friend coping with cancer, and you don’t know what to say
  • a friend or family member with cancer who feels stressed and needs to know they are not alone

Cancer Daily Life is written by Carla Schmidt, a pediatric oncology pharmacist, and author of children’s books about cancer as well as scientific books for Springer Nature and can be purchased at


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