My Cancer Days

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September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and in honor of children with cancer, is reviewing My Cancer Days – a sweet story of a young girl with cancer who describes her ups and downs of living with the disease.

The little girl tells of her good days – her yellow days which are the days that she feels good and is able to play like other kids. Then there are her purple days, the ones where she feels scared about her disease. But those don’t compare to her orange or red days which are the days she feels sick or angry.

This simple, yet beautiful book brilliantly describes all the feelings that a child with cancer can have through colors. But what makes My Cancer Days a wonderful book is that instead of focusing only on the horror of disease, the book teaches children how to cope with difficult circumstances in a positive way, showing children that it is OK to have different feelings about being sick; that it is perfectly normal.

My Cancer Days is simply a book of emotions about a child’s day-to-day feelings in her fight with cancer. It is a straightforward, yet tender story told in a way that will not frighten children. It is a book every child with cancer should have, as it validates their feelings of fear, sadness, joy and everything in between. Healthy children can also benefit from reading the book, as it can teach them to be sensitive to children who are terribly sick.

My Cancer Days is published by the American Cancer Society and can be purchased at or on

My Cancer Days
Written by Courtney Filigenzi | 
Illustrated by Nicole Tadgell



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